This page is an ongoing log of my current work and where you will find some my most recent work.

Wasdale Screes

The Wasdale screes are an area of unstable, loose rock and boulders on the far bank of Wast Water. GR NY 144 038 to NY 165 058

Southbank Skatepark at night

The Southbank Skatepark is somewhere I go to on most of my visits to London to practice shooting in low light with lots of movement going on.

Edinburgh shot using redscale film

This image was shot during the testing of a batch of my redscale film made from Portra 400. This is part of a group of images taken during a walk from the Royal Botanic Garden to the City Centre along the Water of Leith.

Swans in redscale

Edinburgh & Glasgow 11/2015

A few days in Scotland as the end on October taking in Edinburgh & Glasgow. The time of year meant that I would mainly be taking pictures at night which I find is both challenging and unpredictable. Luckily I was able to see some of the Halloween street parties which provided a strong subject for the night shots.

I was also testing out my new panoramic camera (a Russian Horizont) for some street photography with the idea of capturing a 'timeline within an image' in these images when read from left to right, just as the lens on this particular camera swings when making the exposure.


Isle of Tiree